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The third studio album by Gardening, Not Architecture, which was also made into a film: www.FossilsFilm.com

Available for download on iTunes and Bandcamp. Available for streaming on Apple Music and Spotify.


released July 10, 2015

Music and Lyrics by Sarah Saturday; Produced by Sarah Saturday and Logan Matheny; Engineered by Logan Matheny at Big Light Studio; Mixed by Logan Matheny and Eddie Spear at Wire; Mastered by Roger Seibel at SAE Studios in Phoenix, AZ; Vocals, Guitar, Keys, and Bass by Sarah Saturday; Drums and Percussion by Bryan Feece; Lead Guitar on "Stay the Course" by Jackson Parsons; Photography by Danielle Shields; Artwork by German R. Verdilak at SonicHaus; Made in Nashville, Tennessee


all rights reserved



Gardening, Not Architecture Nashville, Tennessee

"Cinematic bedroom pop." - No Country for New Nashville


"If Rilo Kiley and Maria Taylor had a baby and that baby grew up and released an album that was produced by Trent Reznor." - The Venn Review


"A fusion artist bringing together elements of electronic rock, folk and theatrical, personal storywriting." - Ryan's Smashing Life
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Track Name: Stay the Course
Two ships passing in the night
Both searching for some kind of light
Dark water stretched for miles
There was nowhere to go

Our sails told of weather we knew
Those waters that brought me to you
You thought you were searching for me all along
You were only partly wrong

We are meant to find our way
If we can stay the course

We clung to each other 'til spring
A desperate and delicate thing
No match for the storms, we were doomed from the start
We were only playing our part

We are meant to find our way
If we can stay the course

We didn't know anything
We didn't know any other way
Track Name: Hunting
You don't know it,
But you are hunting
For hunting's sake
Track Name: The Light
I've searched through the rubble for years
The authorities say that it's hopeless
But I still want to believe you're there

This river is wrapped all around me
I've known it for all of my life
I could navigate its waters in my sleep

Hold me under
I'm not ready for the light

I want to stay under the waves
Under the surface, where it's safe

Hold me under
I'm not ready for the light
Track Name: Exterior
Exterior, exterior
You deceive them every time

Exterior, exterior
What's behind those frightened eyes?

Betray me
Betray me

(I don't need you now)
Track Name: Let It Be Gone
Do you want to change?
Or do you want to stay the same?
When you have the time,
Take a longer look inside

You may find therein the answer
You've been looking for forever
That every time you thought you'd found
It was gone

It's not the easy way
So much easier to stay
In the bottle or the bed
Someone else's life instead

Where it does not feel so lonely
The distractions keep you busy
And you never see it coming
'Til it's gone

Let it be gone

And you will find yourself again
We're only lost, not broken
The truth will find you in the dark
Let it be gone
Track Name: Fossils
I won't forget those nights
California in my Nashville heart
For good

Your arms were wrapped so tight
I wouldn't let myself be loved
And no one could

I didn't mean to break your heart
But it was me who fell apart
In the end

How deep this river runs
It's taken years to finally
Let you fade away

When all is said and done
I will remember with a smile
On my face

Those things we felt when we were young
Turned into fossils one by one
In the end

I won't forget those nights
California in my Nashville heart
For good
Track Name: Didn't Know Love
Put your hand in mine
There's so much left to see
Time moves slower now
Than years gone by

Though we've begun to fade
Brown turned into grey
Your eyes still smile at me
As if to say, "We've just begun!"

I felt my heart explode
The first time you said my name
That was years ago
But it still feels the same

I didn't know love
I didn't know 'til now

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