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Laura So relevant to my life at the time I found it. "Buried in the Basement" helped to channel some angst. Plus it just rocks. Favorite track: Disappointed.
Frank Mareno
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Frank Mareno Loved her music and style ever since I saw her at a Warped Tour on stage rocking it with just a Bass, a Laptop, drummer and her voice.
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This is the first full-length album by Gardening, Not Architecture.


released September 8, 2009

Music and Lyrics by Sarah Saturday; Produced by Beau Sorenson and Sarah Saturday; Engineered by Beau Sorenson; Mixed by Beau Sorenson; Recorded at Alberta Court Studios in Portland, OR, and Smart Studios in Madison, WI; Mastered by Roger Seibel at SAE Studios in Phoenix, AZ; Vocals, Guitar, Bass, and Keys by Sarah Saturday; Drums and Drum Programming by Beau Sorenson, Wyatt Glodell, and Jeff Sauer; Additional Guitar and Keys by Beau Sorenson; Photography by Bryan Sheffield; Album Artwork by Dean Suko; Re-Release Album Photography by Justin Sullivan; Re-Release Album Artwork by Wyatt Glodell



all rights reserved


Gardening, Not Architecture Nashville, Tennessee

"Cinematic bedroom pop." - No Country for New Nashville


"If Rilo Kiley and Maria Taylor had a baby and that baby grew up and released an album that was produced by Trent Reznor." - The Venn Review


"A fusion artist bringing together elements of electronic rock, folk and theatrical, personal storywriting." - Ryan's Smashing Life
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Track Name: Play It Cool
Give me a real solution
Give me a resolution
Give me a reason not to look away
When all of the sounds are fading
We are anticipating
What could be greater than to just give in?
I don't wanna play it cool
What do I mean to you?
I know I'll never win
Track Name: If You Only Knew
This pen you hold with no regard
This former version of yourself
And with the words you whisper
This could mean the end
You’ll never quite begin
I am the moment that you dread
I am the middle of the night
I am the only noise you hear
Inside your room
The sound of giving in
One more inch could mean
Losing everything
But I would dare to dream
If I could say to you:
If you only knew
You won’t allow yourself to breathe
You know you’re better on your own
Outside, the sky is turning seasons into years
You know you’ll never be the same
Track Name: Proof
Maybe this is circumstantial
Maybe this is evidence
I’m tired of running ’round in circles
I’m tired, now, of scaling this fence
Why should I believe
In something I can’t see?
The only task at hand is proving
Enough to make them doubt it too
And I must say that I’m convincing
And doubting is easy to do
Why should I believe
In something I can’t see?
I would just as soon
Walk away from you
I don’t want to waste my time
On hoping that it’s true
When I don’t have the proof
I don’t want to waste my time
On hoping that it’s you
When I don’t have the proof
Track Name: Disappointed
How it all begins
Never seems to be
How the story ends
What I thought I’d found
Seemed so promising
So my guard came down
And I hoped for it
And you let me
Is it safe to say
Almost everything
Will end up the same?
And now, looking back
Is it safe to say
That I knew my fate?
‘Cause I hoped for it
And you let me
You let me believe
That you were something else
But I was lying to myself
And I’m disappointed now
I’m disappointed
I believed that you were something else
But I was lying to myself
And I’m disappointed now
I’m disappointed
Track Name: Jabberwocky
Like a jabberwocky
I am hungry for your love
In the midnight hour
I am hungry for your love
You don’t have to want me
I am hungry for your love
Like a jabberwocky
I am hungry for your love
Track Name: Great Unraveling
It must be nice to know
There’s a boy in Jersey
Who would do anything for you
Circumstance has left you
Washed up on the shore
And you do not know what to do
And while the summer sun gave way
Your judgment called it an early day
It must be nice to know
That you have your choice
Of anybody in the room
The only time
You ever feel alone
Is when you want to
And as your hands were taking hold
Your heart slipped out of your control
And it left you wanting more
But more of what, you didn’t know
You just knew you had to have it
So began the great unraveling
I know that you wanted me to stay
And I know that you wanted things
To end up a certain way
But I’ll fight this with everything I am
Because I don’t know if you’re right for me
And I am tired of chasing destiny
Track Name: The Light Was Gone
Let the curtain fall
This stage you set for me
I will stand alone
Let the curtain fall
Until it’s safe to leave
I will stand alone
We couldn’t play the part
The light was gone
Before we found ourselves
Track Name: Buried in the Basement
Nothing here to
Prove you ever happened
Nothing left to show
For all the bloodshed
And the aftermath
You’d think I’d be so guilty
You’re in a box and buried in the basement
Buried in the basement floor
Track Name: It's Not a Chase
A million circles ’round the same old thing
Did you hear me when I told you
It’s not a chase, it’s a stand-off?
Track Name: Could Have Kept You
These walls have wounds, too
It’s not just me and you
We’ll wash away soon
The sun will fade us, too
Could have kept you
If I’d wanted to
Track Name: Moments
Here I go again
Here we go again
We will never know
What we could have known
No matter where this takes me
No matter what this takes of me
I can see the end
I can’t change the end
But I understand
I will understand
No matter where this takes me
No matter what this takes of me
It’s better than missing these moments with you
Track Name: Stop, I Get It (Nevermind Redux)
I spoke too soon
I never talked to you
No matter what I said
Or what I tried to do
No time left to spend
No sinking in the sand
No waiting for some sign
Or waving of your hands
You may not have seen
Hidden traps beneath
Words and fallen leaves
And all the space between
Stop, I get it: it wasn’t obvious
So nevermind